• SAIC Presents the Next Generation of Fashion Designers at THE WALK

    On May 8, the School of the Art Institute of Chicago (SAIC) held the 81st edition of its annual student fashion show, THE WALK at Millenium Park’s Chase Promenade. The event raised more than $500,000 to support SAIC’s fashion program and student scholarships and was attended by over 1,500 people. Student designers pushed the limitations of fashion and crossed into the realm of performance art...Continue reading

  • Mikhael Kale Wows with Lazer Cut Leathers and Crystal Embellishment

    Mikhael Kale‘s Fall ’15 collection was whimsical, rock and roll and feminine all at once. The Canadian designer was inspired by the lyrics of “Giorgio by Moroder” by Daft Punk. Giorgio Moroder is an Italian songwriter and producer who is known as one of the pioneers of disco music–which explains the 70s feeling Kale’s collection emanates. This was not just another fringe-heavy, bohemian collection, however. Kale’s hand beading and carefully placed cut-outs ensured each garment was a masterpiece...Continue reading

  • Delpozo Combines Structure With Softness

    Delpozo’s Fall 2015 Collection was an explosion of color, texture and creativity. Designer Josep Font was inspired by the works of painters Rhys Lee and Andrey Remnev. His designs featured color blocking in unexpected hues that somehow paired beautifully together. Although boxy and modern, the silhouettes still managed to look feminine. The embroidery, a signature of any Delpozo collection, appeared almost mechanical in its perfection. The collection took a break from structure with delicate knits that appeared to have formed organically...Continue reading

  • Unicoi Studio Turns Art Class Into A Carnival

    The walls of Unicoi Art Studio are a startling shade of lime green. A painting of a tree stretches up the wall; its swirling branches curl into tendrils. Clay dolls, the product of a previous art project, congregate on a shelf. Among them are Darth Vader, the Cat in the Hat and Hello Kitty. Nora Stewart, the studio’s founder, flits across the room, assembling supplies for the next project and tying paint-spattered smocks around her young students’ waists. Under her own smock, Stewart wears a long sleeve lavender dress, grey leggings, and calf-length black boots. Her wavy brown hair is pulled back into a ponytail. In the corner, behind her desk, her four-month-old son sleeps peacefully in his stroller...Continue reading

  • Graffiti Zone Provides Creative Outlet for Students in At-Risk Neighborhood

     On the 3700 block of West Chicago Avenue, surrounded by empty lots and boarded up storefronts, there is a safe haven for children who are trying to escape the violence and gang activity taking place on the street outside. It is easy to miss. The doors are painted over and boarded up, and the doorknobs are busted out. A small wooden sign propped against the entrance reads, “Art Studio, Free for Kids 10-18, Music, Poetry, Painting, Dance.”...Continue reading

  • Fast Fashion: An Unrealistic View of the Cost of Making Clothing

    “I believe in the longevity of a product that can withstand time; a product that isn’t being so quickly disposed of for the next best thing,” said Chicago fashion designer Shelby Steiner. “Fast fashion has unfortunately created a very temporary way of thinking.” Steiner uses manufacturers in Chicago to produce the clothing for her spring and fall collections. She says one garment can take anywhere from 34-160 hours to construct from start to finish...Continue reading

  • Chicago Toy and Game Group Turns Fashion Into Playtime

    “It’s the ultimate unconventional challenge.” This is how Project Runway star Peach Carr describes the PlayCHIC fashion show produced each year by the Chicago Toy and Game Group (ChiTAG). PlayCHIC is a fashion show that focuses on fun. It pairs fashion designers with toy and game makers to create an original, imaginative and playful look. On November 21, the second annual playCHIC show was held at the River East Arts Center. It featured the work of some big name designers, inspired by big name toys...Continue Reading