• Unicoi Studio Turns Art Class Into A Carnival

    The walls of Unicoi Art Studio are a startling shade of lime green. A painting of a tree stretches up the wall; its swirling branches curl into tendrils. Clay dolls, the product of a previous art project, congregate on a shelf. Among them are Darth Vader, the Cat in the Hat and Hello Kitty. Nora Stewart, the studio’s founder, flits across the room, assembling supplies for the next project and tying paint-spattered smocks around her young students’ waists. Under her own smock, Stewart wears a long sleeve lavender dress, grey leggings, and calf-length black boots. Her wavy brown hair is pulled back into a ponytail. In the corner, behind her desk, her four-month-old son sleeps peacefully in his stroller...Continue reading